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Why choose naturopathic lifestyle and mind based healing?

Naturopathic Lifestyle teaches us how to use our innate power, or body’s natural mechanism to treat prevent and cure our physical, mental and spiritual selves.

Naturopathic consultations

The Naturopathic consultation is built around listening to each individual’s health story, ...

Naturopathy & Yoga workshops

Enhance your knowledge and learn new skills with one of ...

Therapeutic yoga and cleansing

Empower your yoga practice with key insights from anatomy, physiology, ...

Reiki healing

A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also ...

Holistic reflexology

Removing blocked energies using finger pressure on specific points of ...

Corperate wellness

Programs help employees to take care of their health, educate ...

Over 15 Years of Experience

I try to educate patients on the role food plays in our health and on our hormones and to understand that many of the foods we eat are toxic to our bodies, while we’re deficient in other nutrients. I totally advocate a plant-based diet to help people lose weight & prevent diseases.
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“Watch this video by Dr. Michael Greger on the topic - what Is The Healthiest Diet? “
  • Naturopathic lifestyle 5 Golden rules

  • Rule 1. Eat food which is close to nature.

  • Rule 2. Exercise regularly at least 30 mins daily

  • Rule 3. Being mindful about very activity

  • Rule 4. Getting quality sleep for seven hours

  • Rule 5. Exposing to sunlight 10-15 min per day

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